We Got Humbled Watching Our Kids Play Family

We Got Humbled Watching Our Kids Play Family

At night, when they are sleeping sound in their little beds, we have stood by and wondered how such a precious little thing, these gifts from God himself, when touched by daylight, could manifest into the patience devouring little monsters they can be most days. 

Part of raising kids is correcting bad behaviors. They do something they shouldn’t, and we let them know it and tell them not to do it again.  They promptly do it again, and we repeat ourselves, with less and less patience with each new offense, until someone gets an earful or sent to their room. 

And then they do it again.

If you have ever raised a child, then you have been there. It’s the thing we ask forgiveness for most nights just to find ourselves in the same frustrated hole the next day.

We love our kids beyond words. We thank God for them every day, all day long, and marvel at every little thing they say and do. We have hours of video and thousands of pictures of them, and every single decision we make is made with them in mind.

Just imagine how it would have felt the day we realized they didn’t feel that love. It happened when they were playing family with each other recently. They were taking turns playing their version of us, and we saw exactly how they think we feel about them. 

So we asked him for forgiveness. We prayed, and God laid it out plain as day for us. We then told our kids we were sorry and asked them to forgive us as that is what we teach them to do when they do something wrong.

And then we did what God directed us to do, and everything changed.

We talk about what we are doing differently in this episode, and we are blown away at the result. As always, we share our experiences, hoping it helps someone else. 

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