Uprooting Our Life And Moving Cross Country – Podcast Episode One

Uprooting Our Life And Moving Cross Country – Podcast Episode One

We were living a normal life with a nice home inn Las Vegas, I had a great career and it was just another Sunday.  The family woke up ready to celebrate Kwamane’s 5th birthday (our former foster son and legal grandson) and it was shaping up to be an awesome birthday for him.  That was until someone with no regard for anyone else put everyone in danger.

That night we went to bed in a hotel because it wasn’t safe to stay at home any longer.  Kwamane and his mother got on an airplane and flew to New Mexico.  That’s where they went to bed that night.  He cried all the way to the airport, and so did the other three kids.

Our prayers were filled with questions.  He gave us the answers but it wasn’t anything we expected.  We didn’t question it, we just acted in faith and obedience.
A month later we are living on the other side of the country in a place we have wanted to live for years.  As of today I have 3 really exciting career paths to choose from but most important, I have spend all my time with my kids for the past month and I see how important Ana and I being a family is to them and their development.  Work will never rule my life again, providing is not the only thing my family needs from me.
It hasn’t been easy and we don’t know how the story will unfold, we are taking it day by day and doing what God directs us to do.  But that’s what faith is.  If we knew the ending we would not need faith.  And God has been taking care of us. In this first episode we talk about the month along with the good and the bad in an honest and open way.  As always, we hope our experience helps someone else.

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