And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13

Cadence and Emma could not be more different, nor could two little girls love each other more. They have endured so much together, and it has made them inseparable.  

Cadence is a princess, a girly girl, and no detail misses her discerning eye. If she were to sit down to a bowl of crumbs, she would end the meal with her place at the table looking cleaner and more organized than when she started. She is the oldest, so if Ana blinks an eye, Cadence answers the call and takes charge of every situation, whether it is a situation needing it or not. She is outgoing, confident, always upbeat, and incredibly creative and artistic. She is deeply passionate, and whether it’s snails, rainbows, lightning, or squirrels, she celebrates it all with the same measure of enthusiasm. She will grow to be an emotional woman, and thus even the most innocuous infraction may be leveraged for dramatic effect, and when it is, woeful crocodile tears and pained cries accompany a command performance worthy of an Oscar. She is a natural and fearless protector and will set straight any kid of any age or size if they do or say anything unjust to her siblings. She has no tolerance for bad people doing bad things and will tell them as such just as readily as she will say to another child or person how beautiful they are if she thinks so. She adds all the color to our family, and we look forward to her waking every morning.  

Emma is a cowgirl. Her favorite toy is a Lasoo. She doesn’t say much, but when she does speak, she makes her point well, and all within earshot had best take heed or expect nothing less than dire consequences. I’ve seen the girl run smack-dab into a chunk of metal that punctured the skin on her forehead, then despite the bleeding wound, refused to acknowledge it even happened. If tears are coming from Emma’s eyes, something genuinely epic or tragic has happened, and the world stops to see what it was. She loves her dresses, painted nails, and cute outfits, but she prefers to accessorize them with a sturdy pair of cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. She wants a horse, and since she asked for one, she expects she will get one. If you tell her she can have it for her birthday a year away, that horse better be chewing hay in the front yard in a year, or she will never let you forget that you lied and let her down. She sings country songs, preferably about cowgirls, and she loves riding in dad’s big truck. The girl has no quit in her. Flame, wind or tempest won’t stop her until whatever she started is done. She has a photographic memory; it’s truly uncanny what this girl can remember after being exposed to it only once. She also loves to snuggle. She gets as close as one body can to another and will lay there for hours if you have the time. She feels things so intensely deep. When she says thank you or I love you, she means it beyond what most people would dare to. Her words stand for something, and we treat every single one like gold because of that. She always wakes last and our world doesn’t turn until she does.

Cadence and Emma have both been through so much, but they are home now. Ana is their mom, and I am their dad, and it will be like that forever. God and those little girls gave us those titles, and they come with a tremendous weight of responsibility. Adults have always hurt them and let them down. We haven’t, and we won’t. We can’t.  

And so, along with Cole, they get all God has put in us to give.       

I wish you could hear them laugh. 

It’s the most beautiful thing.

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