We Did The Impossible

We Did The Impossible

I often view change in retrospect with a measure of self-reverence in how it I weathered it. Those stories are most often inflated by tales of immeasurable pain and anguish somehow overcome with inhuman perseverance and divine intervention. And sometimes there may even be some truth to the story, but at the end of the day, if it didn’t kill me, then it didn’t kill me. It may have been hard, but clearly not impossible, and if God intervened, then the credit for getting through it all goes to him and not me.

The last year of our life has been an absolute adventure. A God that loves us beyond understanding has fed and watered us through whatever discomfort has come our way. And those challenges strengthened us, made us more confident. We became a tighter and stronger family and grew infinitely closer to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. And we learned to have gratitude for the blessings we have and just as thankful for the things and people we didn’t have any longer.

We live in a state and city we love. We have a church that was an answer to prayer. Our two oldest children asked to be baptized after learning and fully understanding what that means. Emma cracked everyone up with her very frank answers before her immersion in the water.

They had baptised us in water before, but when we got here, we became baptised by fire. We love God. He is the center of our lives, and we are learning more and more each day.

This is what we prayed for. Sometimes we felt weak, unsure, and profoundly sad about who and what we had lost. Then we saw what we had and had gained and focussed on gratitude. We learned to give the rest to God, as he is always in control.

This podcast is a recap of the year, and a testimony of sorts. And it’s the start of us doing regular podcasts again. We hope you enjoy.

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